Coquet Pest Control offers rabbit control services in Northumberland and the North East

Without rabbit control, you can quickly become infested. Despite being cute and fluffy, wild rabbits can cause problems in industrial, commercial and domestic settings, especially those in rural surroundings! They cause problems by eating crops and vegetable plots and living up to their name of being fantastic breeders. 

Our qualified and experienced team provide an efficient rabbit control and removal service designed to keep you rabbit population under control. Save your land and crops with rabbit control from Coquet Pest Control. We can offer help and advice to help any further infestations.

Signs of a rabbit infestation

Rabbits are nocturnal so aren’t often seen during the day, which means they can have the run of your land while you sleep! Signs of a rabbit infestation include; freshly dug turf or holes, droppings and tracks, half-eaten, cleanly bitten leaves and flowers.

A rabbit infestation can often grow to be a problem very quickly and isn’t always noticed at first. It is important to contact Coquet Pest Control as soon as you discover the signs of an infestation to ensure the population is brought under control as fast as possible.

Rabbits can carry disease, often originating from fleas. The most common disease is myxomatosis which causes the rabbit to become blind, lose weight and often suffer a long, drawn-out death.