Bird Control in the North East and Northumberland from Coquet Pest Control

Birds are a problem throughout the UK, with many species considered to be a public nuisance, the most common of which being gulls and pigeons.

If you live in Northumberland and the surrounding area and thing you may have a bird problem, contact Coquet Pest Control to speak to one of our highly-trained professionals.

You can usually find bird congregating on rooftops or the edge of buildings. They frequently nest in derelict buildings and scavenge for food in public places. This can cause several problems; including spreading disease through fleas and their droppings and creating a lot of mess! They also cause issues in people’s homes by nesting in loft spaces or on chimney stacks. Not to mention the cleaning costs!

Some birds are protected, and there are laws and regulations that restrict the times of year that a nest can be removed. If you are unfamiliar with the current legislation, then it is best to contact a professional to control your bird problem. The team at Coquet Pest Control have specialist licencing and knowledge to safely and effectively remove your bird problem.