Coquet Pest Control

Our team of experienced professionals offer an efficient, convenient and trustworthy pest control service to Northumberland and the North East

Coquet Pest Control is here to help you protect your home, business or land from unwanted pests. We also offer a range of pest proofing services and equipment.

Based in Northumberland, our team of experienced professionals are equipped with the skills and knowledge to ensure we completely resolve your unwanted pest problem in a variety of environments.

We offer a wide range of pest control including; rodent control, wasp nest removal, insect infestations and rabbit control. We also offer proofing work and a variety of pest prevention equipment such as fly killer units and air brick covers.

Why choose Coquet Pest Control?

  • Fast response
  • Trustworthy services available 24/7
  • High-quality, bespoke service

Coquet Pest Control offers pest control services to Northumberland and the North East and has a team of highly trained, experienced individuals dedicated to removing unwanted pests. Whether it be in a residential home, commercial property or industrial land, we offer the pest control service to suit your needs.

We offer a highly-responsive service as it is important to get your pest problem resolved quickly. Some pests carry disease or can pose other health risks which is why the team at Coquet Pest Control is always on hand to help.

Defend your home or business from unwanted pests.

If you have an animal or insect infestation or would like some proofing work carried out, contact us today if you would like help with your pest problem.