Coquet Pest Control supplies and fits Electric Fly Killer Units throughout Northumberland and the North East

Flies are one of the most common pests in the UK and can be a nuisance all year round, however they really flourish during the warmer, summer months.

Flies are known carriers of large amounts of pathogens which cause disease and are considered to be a source of concern for public safety. In additional to being carriers , fly are excellent at spreading disease, being able to travel quickly from one surface to another.

Flies can cause issues in the home, commercial outlets, industrial and agricultural land.

Flies are usually found where there is food which makes them a problem in food preparation areas. The best solution is an Electric Fly Killer Unit, supplied by Coquet Pest Control.

The unit uses UV light to attract the flies and works by drawing the insects to an electric grid. Electric Fly Killer Units supplied by Coquet Pest Control are also serviced so you have one less thing to worry about.

Types of Fly

Blue Bottle

One of the most well-know varieties of fly, the blue bottle is usually found near bins and rubbish as they prefer to eat rotting food or meat flesh.


Usually found in attics or cavity wall spaces, the cluster fly uses these tight spaces to hibernate during the colder seasons. You can often find cluster flies in and around window frames.

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are attracted to sugary substances which is why rotting fruit is a favourite food source. The are often called ‘beer flies’ due to their attraction to the delicious drink!


Mosquitoes are often found near water and can give a nasty bite which is why they are considered a pest. This can cause disease in overseas countries but not in the UK. They are similar to the midge.