Keep the moles at bay with Coquet Pest Control

Moles are a very common problem in the UK and make themselves known by creating small tufts of earth. If you find yourself with unsightly ridges or turned over earth, the you probably have moles in your garden, land or green. Coquet Pest Control has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to pest problems in domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Moles are expert diggers, they create vast and complex underground tunnels and can adapt to a wide range of environments. Moles can cause substantial damage in no time due to their ability to dig up to 4 metres of tunnel an hour, leaving the ground below surface level unstable. The tunnel system can be extensive range over a large area. Mole tunnels can cause extensive damage and should be controlled as quickly as possible to avoid the problem spreading.

What are moles?

Although common associated with rodents, moles are in fact insectivores. They eat a number of small insects and grubs but their favourite is the earthworm, they can devour up to 20 a day! They can be found in areas where the soil is rich in nutritious bugs and insects. They have very light sensitive eyes and their sense of smell is quite bad however this does not get in the way of catching food, in order to locate their prey they use their acute sense of touch and vibrations.

Originally found in wetland or woodland, these nocturnal creatures are being forced into human territory through the destruction of their natural habitat. Moles love a well-watered garden as this means plenty of juicy worms to find. Although small, weighing just 8oz, they are expert diggers creating metres of tunnels in a short space of time.