There are over 250 different species of bee in the UK, but there is only one European Honey Bee (apis mellifera) and it is under threat.

Honey Bee Swarms are seldom a problem however they can cause problems, especially during the high temperatures of the summer months. They could be found in several different environments including commercial domestic and even industrial.

When found in residential areas or places of work, public spaces or residential gardens, Honey Bee Swarms can be considered a threat. If disturbed or threatened, they are likely to sting.

Honey Bees Swarms are often seen as a threat to the public, especially if they are found in places of work, public spaces, or residential gardens. However, they are protected! If a Bee feels threatened or if you accidentally disturb the swarm, they will sting. If you see a honey bee swarm then it is best to call in the professionals right away. Honey Bee Swarm removal should only be attempted by an experienced pest control specialist.

Honey Bees will only ever be exterminated as a last resort. This is usually when the infestation poses a serious risk to health and is inaccessible. Usually the Coquet Pest Control team will remove and relocate the Honey Bee Swarm. If you fail to remove a Honey Bee nest then the problem can get a lot worse and lead to problems, usually with the structure of the building it is attached to. Honey can also cause damp and damage plasterboards.

If you suspect you have a honey bee infestation then contact Coquet Pest Control, our team will remove the swarm is a quick and reliable manner, giving you peace of mind.