Whether you fox problem is domestic, commercial or on industrial land, Coquet Pest Control has the fox control solution for you.

Since the First World War, foxes are not only found in rural countryside environments. Due to more and more people moving out to the countryside and destroying foxes’ natural habitat they are now a common sighting in towns and cities. Humans provide a good source which is ideal for the scavenging creatures.

There is strict legislation in place to protect the control of the fox population both in city centres and the British countryside.

Why is fox control important?

Making sure the fox population is kept under control is important as they pose a threat to wild, ground-nesting birds such as black grouse, curlew and lapwing as well as hares. They also threaten outdoor reared livestock such as lambs and piglets.

In urban areas, foxes have been known to enter homes, this can be dangerous if there are small children or pets. They can often be infected with sarcoptic mange which is a highly contagious disease caused by a parasitic mite or roundworm. Many of the diseases foxes are prone to are common for dogs to.

Signs of a fox problem

Foxes like to mark their territory, which can cause an odour problem, especially in urban areas, you might notice droppings around your property. They also pose a threat to livestock and domestic pets. They are notorious for stealing eggs and worrying poultry.

You might notice ripped bin bags if they are left out or other damage to your garden or land. Rifling through rubbish can inevitable invite other pests such as rats and cockroaches.

If you suspect you have a fox problem, do not approach the animals, leave food out or try to tackle the problem yourself, call Coquet Pest Control for a fast, reliable solution. We can help control or remove the problem and offer advice and guidance on how to avoid it in the future.